Silent Weapons for a ’Quiet War’

We kindly ask you to study this document and really listen to the deeper meaning and many things become obvious. This document reveals things many people are not aware of because the sound is silent and therefore difficult to grasp. On page 2 you find a brainwave model and on page 3 and onwards you [...]

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City of Berkeley to require cellphone sellers to warn of possible radiation risks

The Guardian Newspaper: Anita Chabria Lawmakers vote to highlight the potential dangers of keeping devices close to the body as scientists raise raft of concerns, especially for children. Berkeley lawmakers voted this week to require cellphone retailers to provide customers with a notice on the potential health hazards of carrying their device too close to [...]

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Is Wi-Fi Safe for Children? Beware of Health Risks Doctors and Scientists around the world have warned against unnecessary exposure of children to RF/microwave from wireless technology and recommend safer WIRED internet connection instead, both in school and at home. We are parents who fully support the use of computers and the incorporation of technology in education, and we believe that it must be implemented in [...]

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Cell-Phone Safety: What the FCC Didn’t Test,9171,2029493,00.html FCC guidelines on the safety of cell phones assumed that there would be a buffer between the device and your body. Gulp By Michael Scherer Follow @TIME We are a nation grown numb to the seemingly endless fine print that accompanies our purchases. But every now and then a product is sold with a warning [...]

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Bluetooth What You Will Learn Nowhere Else – Is It Really Dangerous?

by Lloyd Burrell - A few days ago I received this message from one of my readers, Craig, who is worried about Bluetooth radiation: Hi Lloyd, I have a quick question, or maybe not such a quick question. What’s the best way to reduce radiation when listening to streaming audio on a cell phone: – A Bluetooth headset? – [...]

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