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Vian Li

Founder & President of IPC Hong Kong

A graduate of Monash University, Australia with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering, and a Master’s Degree in Business Systems, Mr. Li has conducted significant research in quantum physics, Western medicine, Chinese medicine, alternative medicine, environmental science, acoustics and electronic engineering since 1987.

Vian Li has obtained more than 10 patents and created over 100 inventions since 2001. In Australia in 1993, he received the highest accolades for best thesis from both the Institute of Electrical Engineers and the State Electricity Commission of Victoria for his invention of the spherical motor.

Mr. Li has managed large-scale civil and structural engineering projects, and developed and produced over 200 models of professional electronic, healthcare and acoustic equipment for US, European and Asian markets. For six years he was the R egio nal Product Development Director of US specialty chain store Brookstone. In 2007, Vian Li established the IPC Group to focus on picotechnology development (Pico technology is 1000 times smaller than NANO technology) natural medicine and environmental science.

President and Inventor Vian Li