Engine Booster EBD 1000

/Engine Booster EBD 1000

Engine Booster EBD 1000



For ell Electric Cars and Hybrid Cars.


Depending on the car you are driving we will confirm where to install the ENGINE BOOSTERS by means of 2 cable ties only.

There is no need to change any conctruction of the car.

The PVA Feld (ProtonVibration Alignment Field) may take up to 4 weeks to come into full effect, though gradual improvements  may be noticeable within that time period.


The driving range will expand usually by 10% to 20%. More is possible. Drastic reduction of all electric fields and magnetic fields.

The increase in horsepower and torque may well appear as a side effect.

The Technology

EUPHORIA TECHNOLOGY™ is a new invention which introduces newest technology and solution to save energy in our daily life. The engineers of IPC Hong Kong have devloped this new method

to harmonize protons and electrons in atoms which then creates a “PVA FIELD” (Proton Vibration Alignment Field). This amazing and energysaving technology is established in a new one of a kind series of products for gas, diesel and electric engines. This technology called EUPHORIA TECHNOLOGY™ is based on quantum physics and works on the level of PICO TECHNOLOGY developed by IPC which is 1000 times smaller than NANO TECHNOLOGY.


4 years


  • length 85 mm
  • width 31 mm
  • thickness  8 mm
  • weight 45 grams
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