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Mobile phones are very convenient and it is very difficult in our society to live and to work without them. However, not everything in our society and in everyday life which comes in handy is necessarily good for you or healthy! For example: Fast food, sugary drinks, cell phones, microwave ovens, processed foods, snack-foods, WiFi, etc.

It is absolutely not “smart” that we work with these so called smart phones. The industry wants to allow you to believe that these devices are “smart”, as well as the consumer who uses them. If you were to launch a new brand of cigarettes and call them, “Smart Cigarettes”, that still would not make smoking healthier or the smoker more intelligent.

Cell phones are a huge multi billion dollar business. At this moment there may be 7-8 billion cell phones registered on the planet, greater than the world’s population! And the numbers are ever increasing. No provider or mobile phone manufacturer had ever to prove to the health department or any governmental authority that using a cell phone is safe. Because it is NOT SAFE! These companies maximize profits regardless of the health damage and risks to their customers.

In 10 – 20 years our children will ask, “Why were you so stupid to believe that?”

Cell phones are so dangerous that their use over the next 10 to 15 years possibly may cost the lives of millions of people, due to extremely painful conditions such as brain cancer. The newer the phone – the stronger the signal, and the bigger and faster will be the potential damage to your health.

A mobile phone works on the exact same wavelength as a microwave oven. The average use of a mobile phone in a month is roughly equivalent to sticking your head in the microwave for 1 hour on the highest setting, and pushing start. Who would consciously do such a crazy thing? Hopefully no one is stupid enough to kill themselves so horribly, however you probably do not know that you threaten your health in such a way every single time you use the cell phone.

Let’s be clear. Cellphone providers know what they are doing. They have executed many secret experiments, like using pigs to find out how deep the EMF Electro Magnetic Fields, penetrate into their skulls. They lightly mention a possible health risk but it is deeply buried in their literature. For example: The operating manual for the iPhone 6 is196 pages long.

On page 184 you may find a small a cross reference and an obscure link that takes you off site. (If you would ever go that deep into the manual). It would seem as though they seek to protect themselves from any possible future lawsuits by suggesting you hold the phone away from your body when carrying it and making a call in order not to have a direct contact with your skin! See appendix for details.

A cell phone needs an EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) to make it work. Without an EMF you cannot make or receive any calls or data transfers.

Those who advertise and promise that sticking certain products to your cell phone for example will handle the EMF (claiming to stop or to reduce EMF) are talking and selling nonsense.

If a company tells you that attaching their sticky dot to one side of your cell phone will stop the EMF, then they would be misleading the customer. If the cell phone does not receive enough ”juice” via EMF, it will simply pull the EMF needed from the OTHER side of your phone. That could mean even more EMF into your head!

To be in good health a person should never be exposed to more than 120 milliwatts per square meter of EMF. Just using your cell phone can increase these levels to 2000 millivolts or even higher.

The IPC SafestCellPhoneTM, takes a completely different approach to handling the harmful EMF problem. Now, thanks to the EuphoriaTechnologyTM which IPC developed over the last 13 years, harmful EMF is converted to a type of frequency that now benefits your body.

A conversion of evil to good, from a Saul to a Paul.

Mobile Phone Frequencies

Our planet is based on frequencies. There are only 2 types of frequencies.

Good Ones – Pro Survival
Bad Ones – Counter Survival

Toxic – non survival frequencies – include: 75,000 plus registered chemicals, EMF  from cell phones, cordless phones, Wi-Fi and microwave ovens, computer screens, GMOs, artificial and “natural” flavors, preservatives, fluoride, chlorine, chloramines, chemtrails and many more.

Most of all counter survival products have been developed and exposed to humanity only over the past 200 years and are “indigestible” by humans, animals, and most of the plants.

A better and healthier future can only be achieved by eliminating bad frequencies and / or converting them into good frequencies. And this is one of the main targets of IPC.

The future of healing and health is the use of good frequencies
– not pills and drugs.

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